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Supply crates screwed. Long time problem?
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Supply crates screwed. Long time problem?
When I was clicking to use supply crates rapidly so I don't have to wait 3 seconds between each use just to acknowledge the use, not even half of the crates actually went to my resources. I had plenty of crates to replicate the bug, so I did it with 20 tiberium, 20 crystal, and 20 power, and on all of them only about 4-7 crates were transferred to my resources. You do not get the full resources that you should, and you do not get your supply crates back that were not counted. I closed the browser and reloaded the game between each test to see if it was just a lag, and the resources were exactly the same as before I closed the browser. I used to do this all the time without actually calculating before hand what the resources should be when done, so hundreds of crates must have gone to waste. This was also a problem with upgrading units and buildings when just clicking on them rapidly to upgrade 1 level at a time, so I started using the arrow to increase the number of levels to upgrade per click instead of just clicking rapidly 1 level at a time. If you can't fix the crate bug, you shouldn't make it possible to rapidly use crates. Placing a limit on how fast you can click on the use button is easy. Also if you can't fix the bug, you should have that box/arrow to increase how many crates you want to use at once.
13-05-2017 07:07 AM
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RE: Supply crates screwed. Long time problem?
Hi Vengeance,

where exactly do you click to use your supply crates? I tried reproducing the problem, but everytime I use a supply crate a message window instantly pops up telling me that I received so and so much resources.

This prevents multiple clicking on the + button. How and where exactly are you able to rapidly click the button?

Cheers, inSepp
15-05-2017 10:27 AM
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