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World issues MAY 10/11
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inSepp Offline

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World issues MAY 10/11
Hey everyone,

as many of you noticed, we are currently facing heavy issues with our worlds and performance. A lot of worlds did not recover from yesterdays maintenance and are still making troubles. The current issues may result in lag, endless loops, packages/funds lost and more. We are very aware of this problem and frantically search for a solution.

We are very sorry for the inconveniences, and we will update this thread with more info as it becomes available.

Thanks for your understanding.
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11-05-2017 09:52 AM
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l--Testbild--l Offline
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RE: World issues MAY 10/11
(11-05-2017 09:52 AM)inSepp Wrote:  Thanks for your understanding.

Nope, that's (AGAIN) nothing I CAN or WILL understand, don't you have test servers on which updates and "fixes" can be tested properly BEFORE installing piece of sh1t on all live game servers?
Same procedure on every update patch, are you resistent to learning by errors?
I only hope none of your "experts" gets a job in any kind of nuclear environment, "try and error" wouldn't be a good idea there... Undecided

11-05-2017 12:26 PM
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WKurtz68 Offline
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RE: World issues MAY 10/11
I agree with ITestBuild no excuses...
You do the same error everytime.
In World Championship in these days of forced stop,
the players that have done 3rd base continue to gain
resources while all the others can't do nothing
to progress.
Give gifts to all is useless
because nothing can't fix the gap you
Stop and freeze the game, and the situation
must be the same as before, or you false the game.
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11-05-2017 02:05 PM
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cidartha Offline
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RE: World issues MAY 10/11
bom dia estou no mundial de 2017 e esta uma porcaria nao estamos conseguindo jogar por favor resolva isso para nos
11-05-2017 03:10 PM
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Anotherplod Offline
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RE: World issues MAY 10/11
you luck you only have Lag etc
Today the 12th I can not even log on to 25,23, or 19
but what is the use of moaning on here
EA Devs and all the other making money NEVER take any Notice to what is said

They should stand next month for government, There just like politicians all wind, Making Money and Crapping on the Masses(In this case the PAYING PLAYERSAngry
12-05-2017 05:31 PM
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