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17.3 Maintenance on Initial Worlds May 4
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WKurtz68 Offline
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RE: 17.3 Maintenance on Initial Worlds May 4
This mantenance really sucks
I'm doing World Championship and nothing works like before.
Simulator don't work, buy elements is impossible, base attacked can't be
properly repared.....
Some players that have done 3rd base take advantage to all the other players that were near to do it, and today were not able to do nothing.
Time in this world is essential.
A day can influence everything, because i don't believe that tomorrow
everything will be fixed-
Do these changes BEFORE a new world starts, not once it has started.
I'm very upset and tired of this way to manage a game,
at the point that i'm thinking to leave this game.
10-05-2017 09:23 PM
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wda3 Offline
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RE: 17.3 Maintenance on Initial Worlds May 4
now this world is death. i cant make anything. 1 minute later it reset.
11-05-2017 06:00 AM
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