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Games dont work right up to C&C 3.
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Games dont work right up to C&C 3.
95, Tib, and Red alert 1 &2 map scroll is too high, can not adjust res. ,weird color schemes. havent checked renegade and generals. I thought origin updated these to run right on the newer systems? can someone please direct me to a current guide like from when origing supposedly updated them to now on how to setup the cfg 's? or are there some "current" patches like this year after origin updated these games to make these work right.
I uninstalleed reinstalled origin and all of the ultimate edition, the updates popped in but the map scroll speed and inability to work at a better resolution are bad. Also the mouse stops working when the menu box is up. Any helpful guid to get these working is great. Thanks.
Running windows 7 64, Pentium 3.4, nvidia gtx 670.
27-04-2017 09:17 AM
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