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Merger of older worlds
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Merger of older worlds
I'm on world 39 and newer worlds 83 and 100. The problem is that some of us on the older words still want to play on them. But can't because they are dieing a slow death. I no some that don't like the way newer worlds work so will not play on them.

So my idea is a merger of old worlds so there are many active player. I no its about money for EA and i don't have a problem with that. So if you make them fun again they will spend funds on them again.

Start everyone out on the edge again with Maybe higher Forgotten base levels 65+, Let them keep all or at least 10 of there highest bases. Maybe even raise the base level cap to 70 or 80, and do the same with army and defence. Maybe make a new badge for killing the fort

I don't really want to change the game play but just give guys a reason to play again.

I'd think others would have ideas for this too, so post them.

P.S. Sry for spelling and bad grammar.

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14-04-2017 03:58 AM
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