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Testing on PTE of 17.2
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RE: Testing on PTE of 17.2
My best thought on how to fight this:
Get some kind of ELO system, like in chess, you can assign a score to every move, and when somebody plays beyond human ability in terms of both sequence and speed, that's obvious from the score, like in chess the best person ever gets is in the 2800s, but machines play in the 3300s or something
I heard in the past there was some implementation of this idea already, that's what we were told before wcs2015, but for comparison the older script was used, to identify its use
For this idea to really work, the game devs need to build their own pro-sim that gets the really best possible attack setup, and then can grade any specific attack on that scale
Then look at the best real simulations from players to calibrate this level of what is humanly possible
Then write it into the game so that the score is computed in the background, and when you get a sequence of attacks that are too good for human - from same account - you know that's a script. Use statistical analysis, 5 sigmas is a discovery by scientific standards. Certainly it would pass the lawyer standards.
Also, if people later come up with a script that is good but not too good so that it does not pass the bar, then they would be getting no real advantage from using it compared with skilled players, so it would not have any meaningful consequences and nobody would really bother
p.s. and if you were ever to build such a thing, it would be great to have those ELO-like scores in public rankings, and get medals for that competition
so that people get incentive to improve, and get acknowledged for being good
then they chase skill, not ranking Smile
btw, finding a good sim is the main source of fun in this game, imho
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02-03-2017 05:04 PM
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RE: Testing on PTE of 17.2
(02-03-2017 10:39 AM)rhiordd Wrote:  And please don't get me wrong, I have no problem to ban people at all, but I have a problem banning people on other players assumptions. I can't do that since I have rules to obey myself. I am simply neutral and want the best possible solution, that is FAIR, for everybody.
Sounds like an utter senseless answer
so in other words the message you are sending to the cheaters is
you can cheat cause if anyone finds out and reports you i cant ban you because i cant rely on there assumptions
So what do you ban people for then inappropriate alliance and player names ?
which to be honest doesnt give anyone a game advantage unlike a cheater
The game needs to be brought back to basics no Sims no Scripts everyone has a CP and RT Cap people win a medal not buy it
Then again that wont happen will it cause its all about money even if its advertised as a free to play game
03-03-2017 08:03 PM
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