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PvP attack priority system
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PvP attack priority system
a few of you know the problem that you can´t fight back, when the attacker base also get attacked. this issue use some player to get a unfair advantage. so you just can watch while your base get destroyed. This happen also to me and so I think about that problem in the game.

My idea is to add the "PvP attack priority system". this will mean that if one of your bases get attacked and the attacking base also get attacked, you are press the attack button and the next post-combat-lockdown is yours. so you are able to fight back and prevent the base to get desroyed.

Priority: you have the highest priority level to protect your bases by your own. 2.level is a player from your alliance. 3.level player from other alliances which you are allied with.

this should be added in the game to make it more fair and prevent player which want a fair fight to get destroyed by a few cheater.

hopefully it comes soon.
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