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Changing or reversing a new base
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Jijimiyaz Offline
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Changing or reversing a new base
I just created a new base on a base I just destroyed because of the layout. Unfortunately when I went to build, the new layout was completely different. All of the tiberian and crystal fields are spread out so much that I will never be able to farm it productively. Is there a way to reverse your choice? The layout is so bad that I am even willing to get rid of the base and lose the research points and $ I used to get it so I won't have the future maintenance of it. Is that possible?

I had no problems with other bases I built when I previewed the layouts but I think that only applies to outposts and camps since they are computer generated and don't move from their coordinates. Another player's base layout is not necessarily what you will get since it has probably been moved from it's original coordinates.

Also, is there a way to find the coordinates that your first base occupied when you started the game. My first base has a great layout and presumably the layout at any given coordinates do not change. Any thoughts? Thanks.
11-02-2017 12:12 AM
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mcwebtree Offline

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RE: Changing or reversing a new base
Sadly not.
Once a base is founded on any layout that layout is removed and replaced with a new one.
You can't found a base on a destroyed players base layout. The layout under a players bases is not the same as the players base.
If you are looking for layouts you need to look at Forgotten bases, outposts and camps only.
11-02-2017 03:31 AM
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gamerdruid Offline
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RE: Changing or reversing a new base
Once a layout has been taken from a camp, outpost or base or even the initial starting position it is reset to a new layout. So finding where you started would be of no use.


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11-02-2017 11:59 AM
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RE: Changing or reversing a new base
Good info to know
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13-02-2017 06:17 PM
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