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The Alt issue
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The Alt issue
Hi everyone,

First time poster, but long time player. I think I may have found a solution for EA to handle the alt-exploit issue for the most part. This might have been proposed elsewhere already, but I haven't seen it...

All that would have to change is the yield distribution of the final (kill) blow on a specific camp/op/base. Say you use 12 alts to soften a base with 2 runs each, and then kill it with your main (1 shot), then the final yield (of everything : tib/cry/rp/credits) should be divided by the number of runs total on the base (25), multiplied by the number of runs each attacker had (2 for alts, 1 for main) : 8% for each alt, 4% for main...

Unless I'm missing something, this would seriously limit the boost potential of an account, and as an added bonus, it would actually be more fair under normal digging circumstances (everyone who helped take out a base gets a (proportional) piece of the final reward...

There's of course still the use of alts as poi holders, spies, scouts, the nod/gdi combo attacks and a few other things, but I don't see people starting 50 accounts for that ^^

I realize it could mean less income for EA, short term, since some of the alts do fund - but in the long run, since the game would become more multiplayer and less multi-account, with better chances as a new player/alliance - people would stay longer & less people would quit the game altogether, ensuring its longevity..?
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05-12-2016 02:11 PM
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Mediv88 Offline
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RE: The Alt issue
Everything that makes multi accounting more unattractive is good.
Still doesnt solve the problem, that multi accounts can delay other alliances without any damage to their main accounts.
12-01-2017 03:26 PM
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tnemo75 Offline
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RE: The Alt issue
i understand your idea and i think its been discussed. but the only problem i see is that the teams who dont use alts or for that purpose. you will end up with less teamwork. because the stronger players will all kill there own bases/outposts. without helping teammates. because it wont make sense to evenly share the loot if your doing way more damage then smaller teammates. i do like the idea to stop the excessive alting. your idea would do it. but there is always a give and take effect. i think it would effect alot of the team play in the game.
anyone who wants to take the time to find/use an exploit will always find a way.
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13-01-2017 01:53 AM
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crucial_899 Offline
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RE: The Alt issue
to add to that guys.... the use of alts isn't an exploit so we cant beat it...Sad just get around it...take a look at my post in feedback and suggestions see what u think.? or tell me if i am missing something fundamental

14-01-2017 10:42 AM
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