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Alliances sharing resources?
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K2killamani Offline
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Alliances sharing resources?
How can alliances share resources?

I am part of a group of alliances on one world and ourown alliance has a bonus of about 100K the other has a bonus of about 300k and I receive both amounts.

As CiC in another group of alliances on another world I'd clearly like toexploit this! How do I do so?

Thank you !!!
30-11-2016 10:41 AM
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Disturbed71 Offline
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RE: Alliances sharing resources?
Hello K2killamani,

my own translator give me two options to understand your question right.

First Option:
You make your own experience with 2 different accounts on different allys on the same world and you get from one of the accounts the bonus from both allys and the other account gains nothing.

Second Option: Its only wishful thinking without hiroshima from your side, you ask if it is theoretically possible, to get bonus from another ally while you are not staying in an this ally but in another?

Both options are impossible from my personal understanding, but maybe i can highlight my personal horizon for that.

So it would be kind, if its not a wish but fact, that you give me further details which world, accounts, allys and screenshots about per pm and we will soon look at - thanks a lot!

And maybe another player can share personal experiences about it too - everyone is everytime welcome.

I am a Community Moderator, not an Official EA Representative.
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30-11-2016 12:03 PM
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leo7044 Offline

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RE: Alliances sharing resources?
(30-11-2016 10:41 AM)K2killamani Wrote:  How can alliances share resources?

2 words: No way.
With the current game-play it is not possible.

I am a Community Moderator, not an Official EA Representative.
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30-11-2016 03:58 PM
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CoffeeeQueen Offline
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RE: Alliances sharing resources?
I think he means POI bonuses

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13-01-2017 10:32 AM
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