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Firestorm Challenge World Survey
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RE: Firestorm Challenge World Survey
One (main) reason people want a world with malus is the massive abuse and advantage of multi accounts. Thats it.

Bloody is right that daily camp farming and slow progress isn't always good for an alliance, it makes people lazy and more inactive. But a lot more (imo) hate and disapproval is created by the more and more rising multi gaming.

So now you are trying to fight one problem with another... Simple solution would be to ban multi gaming and stay away from malus. But this will never happen.

The only thing you do is to argue about which problem is the smallest and who can provide the most fake "honorable" reasons for the outcome they want. And now two camps fighting since month for the win over "Multi gaming or not", pulling the rope in two different directions instead of acting as one community for the game.

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16-10-2016 06:08 PM
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