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Firestorm Challenge World Survey
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rhiordd Offline

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Firestorm Challenge World Survey

I would like to get a little feedback from you. We are currently looking at more alternative world modes and since I recently got asked about a very specific one, I´d like to see if there is more interest from your side. The mode would feature a regular world with Forgotten Attacks in size 15.000. On top of the Forgotten Attacks, however, we would add the moral boost / Forgotten boost, which usually can only be found on non-forgotten attack worlds, and which would make this world a little bit more challenging.

If you are interested in playing such a world, please submit your vote and let everybody know that might be interested as well.

Looking forward to your thoughts and results.

05-10-2016 10:07 AM
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DGA_Sauron Offline
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RE: Firestorm Challenge World Survey
Hi rhiordd, could you explain a little bit more futher how the "moral boost / Forgotten boost" would be implemented on a Forgotten attack world? For instance does it mean that you get the attack penalty if you attack bases which are 5 levels higher than your offense? And does it also work in the reverse way, meaning forgotten get a boost for attacking lower defense bases with a higher offense?

Anyway we are interested in any server launching in oktober or november.

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05-10-2016 02:40 PM
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linux249 Offline

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RE: Firestorm Challenge World Survey
I never liked it if things in games were hard or difficult like the end boss in a jump&run game but thats why it made fun.
Its more a question about game desgin and concept then about how mutch fun it makes.

moral boost / Forgotten boos woud make 'killing a high base' to smoething people want to archiev (again). Also Twink accounts woud be mutch more useless (again) as they were in the longer past.

I can only repeat me: moral boost / Forgotten boos were only abolished because of a bug on the FA-Beta World. The Forgotten had left no Kris and at this time it was a fast solution for the players. Ofcurse, after fixing this bug nobdys said that they want the moral boost back. They were "intoxicated" because of killing 'high' bases so easy.

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05-10-2016 06:28 PM
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chertosha Offline

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RE: Firestorm Challenge World Survey
Now that the crystal returns from sitting in waves has been significantly reduced, most forgotten base kills in FA worlds take some grinding down, at 10+ levels difference in offense, and same for defense. So it stands to reason that you get at least some returns per cp and rt from digging. If you introduce the penalty on an FA world, it would be equivalent to removing returns from digging whatsoever, as you would spend the same cp and rt on grinding bases but won't get any spoils. And unlike classical world, you would still have to grind your path down to 1-2 waves, which means killing a lot more bases than on the classical worlds. Also, unlike classical world, you'd have to build defense. This would shift focus completely towards farming. Farm up to level 35, only then start digging to center.
That seems to be the direction most recent changes have been steering the game into. Speed worlds is all about farming fast. Small worlds are all about farming fast. Veterans - idk, haven't really played it. potential balancing of GDI and NOD can only be done by making farming with GDI easier. even PvP changes boost farming, one instead of the other, illegal one. I wonder what could be done to change that dynamic, and where the game is/should be going.
05-10-2016 08:41 PM
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13billie26babe Offline

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RE: Firestorm Challenge World Survey
sorry .. the idea is good .. and be interesting to see

but it to me its another way to drag out servers to make more money for EA ...

come on .. obvious to me
06-10-2016 12:06 AM
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CiC_Bloody9 Offline

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RE: Firestorm Challenge World Survey
Introducing morale boost on top of forgotten attacks will force everyone to switch from digging to farming camps and outposts.
#1 problem with farming - its boring. Not a lot of people have state of mind and time for proper farming (constantly watching new camps for easy kills can be extremely time consuming)
#2 problem with farming - farming is not good for alliance spirit. With digging people from alliance have to work together (create digging teams, build armies in such a way they can help each other in digging, be online at same time) interact. Do all things that make that game so different from all other games.
With farming people in same alliance have to compete against each other for easy kill camps. Its impossible to share one shot kill camp...
- People with low offenses ruin farm area for people with high level offenses. People specifically try to play at different time to have a chance for easy kill camps and outposts while other people asleep. Constant problems with stealing camps while someone else already siming it... Constant problems with people with low level armies moving in to high level people farming area to have a change for good camp.... No end for it.

I think everyone will agree that:
Digging and PVP = fun, community creating activity.
Farming = boring, ruining community activity.

Right now its possible to spend first 3-4 months of game without farming at all - 100% digging.
Introducing morale boost on top of forgotten attacks will force people to spend 95-99% of time in game farming.
Do you really think majority of players will like such change?

P.S. Please dont forget that such change will slow down server by A LOT. And world size change from 25-30k slots to 15k slot wont solve it at all because in case of morale server duration will be determined not by size of the world but by level of highest level bases (Guardian bases) and on last 15k slots worlds highest level bases were same level as any other world - 50. Right now fastest possible server (best case scenario) will take around 4 months from start to badge #1 + 3-4 weeks for any badge after that. With morale boost server will take 8 months at least, most likely more for badge #1. And you can easily double that for people aiming for badge 3,5 etc. I dont think a lot of people are ready to wait a year for badge #3....

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06-10-2016 04:15 AM
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gamerdruid Offline
Community Moderator

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RE: Firestorm Challenge World Survey
So there are some good features and bad features of the idea.

Can this be tested on a very small PTE world with reduced size of guardian bases and final bases? (That is, instead of ending with forgotten and guardian around the 55 mark, end them at the 40 mark in order to see how the digging works with forgotten boost, respawning and forgotten attacks.)


I am not an employee of EA/Envision and the views expressed are my own.

If I reply in any other language than English then it is a Google translation Smile
06-10-2016 08:56 AM
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sebb912 Offline
Master of Disaster xD

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RE: Firestorm Challenge World Survey
I don't like the idea of this server .

This is no really new Idea, only we merge our two World types to one and
spam then one new world after the other .

The Veteran world was not a bad idea, we player need a conpletly new System .
06-10-2016 08:44 PM
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Retro_BJJ Offline
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RE: Firestorm Challenge World Survey
I think the original point of the game has been lost in EA's greed. The end game of multiple alliances at war with each other to fight for the right to kill the fortress.

The whole bonus system is crazy and it allows for only 1 out come every single time, and that is who spends the most money will win with few exceptions.
The current system is not fair and only favours the number 1 alliance, where's the fun or gameplay in that?

There should be no extra bonuses for the POI's so all alliances stand a chance to stay with the leaders if they can get the same POI's. Most servers the no 1 alliance is more than double the no 2 alliance??? this is just crazy IMO.

The only thing that slows down the big money spenders from completing all worlds in record times is the Sat codes.

You need to introduce more safeguards and thoughtful gameplay to succeed in this amazing game and not just money.

Introduce bonus POI's that unlock new advances or unlock existing ones aswell as the need for RP and cash.
Introduce impassable terrain so that straight lines to the Fortress are not possible and allow for proper route plans.

Unfortunately the game is only about money spent and there are less and less players on each server as each server is bought and not played for.

I have many more ideas but you need to do something soon or the game is dead.

07-10-2016 01:36 PM
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xSlipnSlidex Offline
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RE: Firestorm Challenge World Survey
Stahppp! No! Enough with the forgotten attack servers - there are bunch of them out there already, every single one of these servers is filled with alliances that dig in linear path, same defenses, same strategies over and over again.

Veteran server is a joke, totally encourage multi-account with its near infinite rt/resell-able army. Its simply a forgotten attack server without FF and added VP hubs. People still play it like the same as good old forgotten attack servers - only this time they holding VP hubs instead of killing FF, no changes there.

I personally do not think that forgotten attack + boost will change the game experience Dodgy .... I mean come'on the first forgotten attack beta is the SAME THING!!

I don't see any classic servers being rolled out for months now. Its the original and the only one that creates differences in term of play style. Its where you sneak on your rival alliance with bubbles attacking the unprepared, PVE/PVP has actual roles, and flanking enemies from sides .... now what?? dig to center and fight to the death - see who's got the bigger loaded wallet?? You guys suppose to mutate classic servers instead of forgotten attacks servers.

Let just be honest here, EA always up for easy cash grab. We all know forgotten attack servers are more profitable than classic due to high cp/rt needed to grind higher lvl bases but seriously ..... added forgotten boost right on top of it ???? Please EA, give us something new.

P/s : try to remove all the POIs in your next newtype server, I bet that will be more fun like the early days of TA.
07-10-2016 08:53 PM
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