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C&C 5 its not too late
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C&C 5 its not too late
Hi i am a renaissance man, i am very talented in many many fields. have a listen

I have been playing Starcrfta since i was 5 (Now SC2) and after LOTV was released, interest in the game is being lost due to poor unit design. imbalance which creates a fault in the competitive field. Now is the perfect time for a highly polished Fluid C&C 5 ($60) to be released shortly after C&C generals 2 (free to play)

I also played Warcraft 3, Red alert, Halo wars, Supreme commander and many many others. i am pretty experienced and very good at pinpointing potential, possibilities and solving issues with creativity

I would like to help critique Generals 2, as well as encourage a development of C&C5. I am willing to work temporarily for free, to contact me

I can literally make 20 slide presentations about gameplay critique

Lets be honest, C&C4 was a major mistake in the C&C series, it was hype followed by disappointment and i honestly wish i was there to completely change the direction. C&C Kanes wrath was a great game but could use some hotkey fluidity as well as better unit and building management techniques. BUT ITS NEVER TOO LATE TO MAKE A COMEBACK

We can use the slightly outdated Game engine to our benefit as it is indeed free to play and visually looks similar to CS-GO. the graphic quality is not bad however unit movement is not smooth enough (at least in the previous gameplay)

But the main usefulness of this game being limited yet fun to play WILL guide players into C&C5 which is the father game that will cost $60 have a great graphical advantage, smoother gameplay, great macro key ease, micro management benefits, and overall a more polished and competitive RTS similar to C&C3

Something players could look forward to is plentiful unshockables, visual customization and a strong ladder ranking system.

We want this game to be similar to an artist using its paint brush to express themselves fully with ease, where practice will bring out their ability to extrapolate and paint onto the battlefield. for instance the unit formation capability in C&C3
10-07-2016 08:18 AM
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RE: C&C 5 its not too late
yeah i wish so.
14-02-2017 08:36 PM
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RE: C&C 5 its not too late
I'm ready. Okay I'm waaaaaaaaaaaaay past ready Tongue

15-02-2017 06:17 PM
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