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Command and Conquer: Zero Hour Update
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Command and Conquer: Zero Hour Update
Hello Devs,

I really hope you read this message.

I am undressing you today because It has been to long that you have abandoned a master piece. Command & Conquer Generals in itself is an amazing that offers so many opportunites for a gamer, especially when playing against other players online. Zero hour the expansion that came after completely changed the game for the best. Instead of just having 3 factions you have the 3 basics and 9 super factions. This offered me and my friends countless hours of fun. Up until a couple years ago when there was a release of a new operating system for OS X, the online community died because GameRanger did not update itself to allow ZeroHour to played on it's platform. Therefore all the mac users playing this game, could not longer enjoy playing against their friends. Now you have release an application version, which allows to play through gamecenter but with many erros. First of all, you cannot play in full screen otherwise the game crashes, the game is also too zoomed in and this is not optimul for playing. Also GameRanger no longer recognises the game as it is an application. Why couldnt EA simply create an online Zero Hour for C&C, like for example CSGO (Counter strike global offensive) with steam. There is a huge player base with steam, and Zero hour would most likely get a lot of attention. It would create large revenue and there wouldn't be any money loss. I mean if you create a Zero Hour 2, you could prolong the campaign story, add more factions and add an even bigger diversity in the factions. You have to know that when you have made such a great game abandoning it when it could only be improved is not wise. I am therefore begging you to make ZeroHour available online across PC, Mac where users can compete or challenge each other regardless of thier computer choice. I am sure it is not a big project as you already have the basis, and I am also sure you have the money!

I hope this message finds you well and hopefull we can get a result pretty soon.
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29-06-2016 03:33 PM
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RE: Command and Conquer: Zero Hour Update

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30-06-2016 05:06 AM
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