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Suggest Layout - Tiberian 14
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gamerdruid Offline
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RE: Suggest Layout - Tiberian 14
(25-05-2016 05:48 PM)250Scorpedo Wrote:  
(25-05-2016 05:29 PM)gamerdruid Wrote:  
(24-05-2016 03:31 PM)250Scorpedo Wrote:  Question, the world starts at May 31, or what? I am slightly confused since the world doesn't seem to have an exact time of release. And besides that is the world going to forgotten attacks? And most importantly can we post a camp/outpost/forgotten base's layout with the their specific coordinates and world?
It is normal to be able to post only a player base, from any world. Therefore the player name and the base name need to be unchanged until launch date, which has not yet been announced.

It doesn't have to be your own base, it can be any player base, but it must exist. No cnc-opts of desired layouts.
What I am refering to is a potential layout seen in a particular camp. For example is that I found a camp/outpost that has a 5 touch with 4 touch of tiberium and 2x4 touch of crystal layout. I wouldn't be able to place a 2nd, third or fourth base there as I'm not ready. Should I end up posting the layout with the coordinates and the world, the moderators should verify it immediately for the layout to be valid. Either way the layout would end up being used by someone or no one. Lets say the coordinates is 503:728 at world 100; this is just an example.
If it is a potential layout (ie the layout of camp not used yet) then it is not a players camp. Posted layouts have to be of an actual player camp, not what could be.
Moderators can't verify anything, they're moderators of these forums only. They don't have an account that can view any world they're not on. The role of moderators, as far as I know, is to keep the posts clear of offensive comments, adverts etc and not to verify in-game layouts or events. They of course have views on many matters and their views are individual views, not those of 'moderators'.

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26-05-2016 11:14 PM
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125Chao Offline
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RE: Suggest Layout - Tiberian 14
I could suggest a layout. I can't post it since it may be complicated to do so, and I don't know how to post it directly to the forums. Its the starting layout of Tiberian 10 and has a nice layout and quite useful. The funny thing is that the base doesn't have a 5 touch but it comes with loads of 4 touches. Its 6 to be exact. 2 4-Tiberium touch and 4 mixed touches, one of 50:50 and three of 25:75 of Crystal : Tiberium.
27-05-2016 07:40 AM
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Disturbed71 Offline
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RE: Suggest Layout - Tiberian 14
Dear Players,

please stay on Topic, this Thread is only to post a concrete layout for the new world Tiberian 14, and the instructions how to do it, you all can see in the start posting, thanks a lot!

I am a Community Moderator, not an Official EA Representative.
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27-05-2016 11:24 AM
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Iamgout Offline

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RE: Suggest Layout - Tiberian 14
(26-05-2016 03:37 PM)13billie26babe Wrote:  Absolutely no !!!!!! .. Why oh why do players want to have it easy ... ....?????

No no no no !!!!!

Give them a challenging layout and make em use their brains .. Not have it on a plate !!!!

Geeez ....

What next a bubble till day 20???

"Shakes head " !!!!

Why not give them the layout that we had on firestorm 1 ...

Was a forgotten attacks world and a base that you had to think a little xx

challenging start
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27-05-2016 08:43 PM
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13billie26babe Offline

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RE: Suggest Layout - Tiberian 14
Yes a challenging layout .. No walk in park ones
27-05-2016 11:48 PM
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125Chao Offline
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RE: Suggest Layout - Tiberian 14
(24-05-2016 01:47 PM)rhiordd Wrote:  In this thread, we are asking for your preferred layouts for Tiberian 14, however, we will choose a layout and keep it secret until the launch of the server.

  • The base needs to actually exist, so no photoshop or fantasy/concept bases.
  • The base you submit does not necessarily need to be yours, you can submit any base you like as long as you provide all the information we need.
  • Important: Do not change the name of the base you submit before May 31. This is crucial, because if you change the name of your base, we won't be able to copy it to the new Worlds.
  • Entries with incorrect data or information will be disqualified.

No one else posted a layout except for Aileen78. Xyamius's didn't count as he posted it via cncopt. Unless someone posts a challeging layout for Tiberian 14, THERE WILL BE NO CHALLENGING LAYOUT. Besides a challenging layout is a bad layout that will ruin gameplay for everyone, especially newbies. Do you wan't people to hate TA cause of Tiberian's 14 Layout. So unless there's another layout posted here, stick your finger in it, its the only one we got.
28-05-2016 03:55 AM
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125Chao Offline
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RE: Suggest Layout - Tiberian 14
13billie26babe, you said you want a challenging layout right? This one is challenging in terms of crystal production, and has no 5-touch. if you focus only on four touches and ignoring 3 touches, you get a ration of 8:5, 8 being Wrath 6, and 5 being Tiberian 10. just think of all the insufficient crystal production all players will have. What's good about this layout that in order to maximize your crystal/tiberium production, you will need either 11 silos or 6 silos, depending if you want to include 3 touches. Wrath 6 needs less, as 8 and 5 respectively.

[Image: ZOz9bPz.jpg]

Base owner name: 125Chao
Base name: 125Chao 1
World: Tiberian 10

Take note that I accessed this base just to get the layout, I haven't accessed my other games in TA and almost all bases are wiped out for each world.
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28-05-2016 09:36 AM
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rhiordd Offline

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RE: Suggest Layout - Tiberian 14
Just a note, we might just take a layout from the stockpile we have here. We just want to get some inspirations. If there is only one posted in this thread, it will not ultimately mean that it will be the one we choose. I however agree, that it's quite boring if it's easy peasy layouts all the time.. Wink

30-05-2016 01:49 PM
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kajdom Offline
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RE: Suggest Layout - Tiberian 14
[Image: CmQBwgR.jpg]

Base owner name: kajdom
Base name: kajdom 3
World: Tiberian 5 (Europe)
30-05-2016 07:14 PM
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Dacheng88 Offline
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RE: Suggest Layout - Tiberian 14
(25-05-2016 03:01 AM)Alieen78 Wrote:  [Image: YeBKa0m.jpg]
Base owner name: alieen78
Base name: Tanys
World: Wrath 6

Excellent starter, you got my vote!
02-06-2016 04:24 AM
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