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16.3 Patchnotes
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Roderick13 Offline
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RE: 16.3 Patchnotes

EA has done nothing but continue to make the game less interesting and boring since I started playing here. Its the very reason I have not started up on a new server in a long time. Taking away plunder, massive move times, not allowing resources to continue to be made while you have to wait DAYS to move a base towards something. The fact that you are basically handcuffed with farming, digging, PVP etc if you do not pay to play is ridiculous. Maybe when you're army is level 30 you can dig for a while with 12 hours RT but when you get up to the higher levels this doesn't cover crap. The cap on everything at 65 sucks.

Congratulations EA, you've cemented the fact that I will never play another server after my current one again. I know I'm not the only one who feels this way as well.

Diplomacy is freaking boring and lame. This is supposed to be a WAR game. EA is a proud supporter of the 21st century lifestyle where "Every kid gets a trophy for participating"
15-04-2016 03:18 PM
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redmatch1 Offline

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RE: 16.3 Patchnotes
so the next step will be due to decreased income following the mass quiting of pvp players the price for funds or ingame purchases will increase to cover the loss right ?

the kill shot id call it.

EA did not think about CiC's that suck at diplomacy such as myself.
As you may have noticed, maybe, i do have a temper and i dont like to write love letters for days with people.
This is why me and my ppl rock 3000+ cp and weeks of RT.
It isnt for PvE ...

Another big thing is a lot of pvp loving players play and fund multiple accounts.
be it in one alliance or spread over sister alliances.
Someone must have really hit their head thinking those players will fund multiple accounts to do farmville the C&C version.

PvP is part of the game and you cant remove it like this without expecting a lot to quit.
In some cases the other CiC you try to talk to is a total clown, so then sending your people to war means ending their shot at a medal...

As ive stated previously devs have ruined the game with the new patches.

how on earth can you chase away your core income ?
casual farming players dont spend half what pvp players spend.
cp is not cheap.
and war forces players to buy cp at times and resources so whats the goal here ?

economics 101, dont spend more than comes in.

PvE player average spending a month: 5-15 euros/ dollars.
PvP player average spending a month: 35+ euros/dollars.

do the math wise men.
multiply that by 2 cause most pvp players run multiple accounts and fund hard.

so good choice to go bankrupt.
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15-04-2016 04:09 PM
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Slatepit1 Offline
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RE: 16.3 Patchnotes

So I'm guessing that once again the little whiners have influenced EA that they will quit and run home to Farmtown if they don't get their way. How many of the players you say are leaving keep several 1000 CP or several days of RT in their stockpile like a PvP'er? The whiners are ruining the game that many of us started years ago. Good grief it has changed. PvP'ers never progress as fast as diggers so they need to be active to grow. Which means surviving off of looting, but you already know this don't you.

I saw an earlier post that "now everyone will be on the same level". Hello, are you that screwed up? EVERYONE starts out the same! How you play determines how you do, so shut that thought down now. If you see someone account eating report them, but good grief quit the crying. Learn to play the game. Shut your yap and learn from those kicking your butt. Some of the best PvP skills I learned were from those wiping me out, some of the best upgrades to my bases came from wiping out 10-20 bases in 1 jump. That's part of the game, and the spoils to the victor.

Good grief this game is starting to get candy assed! Next thing we'll have to harvest stinking corn to feed our troops. (Do NOT implement that.)

EA stop caving in to the voices of the few who screw the many by their never ending whining. You keep changing crap in the middle of the servers. If they don't like the way the game is being played, set them up a C&C Jr server and let them cut their teeth there. Kind of like training wheels for the real game.
16-04-2016 03:09 AM
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dinkok Offline

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RE: 16.3 Patchnotes
PVP is part of the game since it started you want to make the game less boring than it has become, and yes despite what some people may say it is boring now.
make a world scenario where the rules are 50/50 same reward,s for PVP as for PVE that way you have to fight your way to centre rather than farm your way there and a cap on how much RT and CP storage you can have that way you don,t get the noob,s buying there way to a medal would make thing,s a lot more interesting than it currently is
16-04-2016 09:32 AM
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Epeus_KC Offline
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RE: 16.3 Patchnotes
• PVP Loot Changes
Due to the increasing reports and level of exploits made by PVP combats, we decided to change the way PVP loot is distributed. The loot you can make in PVP is now capped to the crystal repair costs, incurred in the combat. This means you can only loot what you will have to afford to repair your units after each combat.

With this change, we will close the ongoing discussion about ever recurring issues with account eating. We declare PVP as a strategic tool for territory and Points of Interest.

ooooh boy, incomming !
I like PVP. I spend real money to be able to PVP, 10 or 12 Days of Repair time. 1900 CP. In return i can load my base with some cool stuff with all the loot i gain from destroying my enemy. With this change, i get nothing usefull.. I have no reason to spend any more money on increased RT and CP if i don't gain anything from it. Bad move.
Alot of players are going to like this im sure, but even more players are going to hate it.
16-04-2016 10:18 AM
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Balcy24 Offline
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RE: 16.3 Patchnotes
On F attack worlds players can dig into high waves to earn crystal along with farming. On non-attack worlds that is NOT an option. Gaining crystal is already hard enough. My issue with this change is financial. Say I buy crystal using real money. Before this change, you risked losing stored crystal to an attacker but at least it was used/recycled by someone in the game. Now that crystal that was paid for simply "disappears" much like the display resource bug that took tons of my resources. Seems to me this change effectively helps EA as players will need to purchase more crystal.

Personally, I have spent way too much money to advance in the game but see now that is not "fair" to the players who spend nothing. A level playing field is the true goal not finding ways to advance. I mean we want a game where the meek MUST equal the strong right? The answer is clear, I must stop "exploiting" the game by buying resources. Problem solved.

I am actively playing 4 worlds but will probably not start another one. What's the point? This game is not turning into Farmville but NASCAR!!! I quit supporting that financially too after they monkeyed around with the rules making the racing unimportant.
16-04-2016 09:10 PM
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richieruff Offline
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RE: 16.3 Patchnotes
ban the bomb

make love not war
down with war
can i have flowers in my base
(This post was last modified: 16-04-2016 09:53 PM by richieruff.)
16-04-2016 09:52 PM
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Luzhanglao3 Offline
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RE: 16.3 Patchnotes
OH MY GOODNESS!! Don't get me started on THIS STUPID 'DISPLAY' BUG!!! I have been getting ripped off for years by this supposed display bug. This past week, one upgrade lost me over 300G of crystal by this. Where'd did it go???!!! Who know's because it never went into my unit. I swear, this bug alone has been chewing up free money for this company for years, and no one blinks an eye at it. THAT, is a whole new thread unfortunately lol

This PVP change is for players who want lame, unadulterated farming for alliances. Get off the 'everyone has to stay even' mentality. War is war, so get busy winning, or get busy dieing!
16-04-2016 09:57 PM
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ForceTrax Offline
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RE: 16.3 Patchnotes
Does EA know that Farmville already exists?

How come a bunch of farmers IN A WAR GAME whinge about fighting (and spoils of war) and then get it changed to a farming game???

I'm glad my funds have nearly run out, and almost the end of this world!

To my fellow players/fighters.... Thanks for the good times, and maybe see you in another REAL war game!

16-04-2016 10:04 PM
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Charcharis Offline
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RE: 16.3 Patchnotes
This patch is a great way to cure my addiction. Good work EA. Now my funds can go in other directions.

Why bother continuing after a fortress hit when PVP has been nerfed.
16-04-2016 11:29 PM
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