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Suspicious Behaviour Reports - What are we doing with them and how?
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Suspicious Behaviour Reports - What are we doing with them and how?
Hey everyone,

there have been some of you that reached out to me and others regarding what has been perceived as limited transparency regarding our catalogue of possible sanctions for players that violate the TOS as well as regarding our overall activity for keeping the game clean of cheaters / exploiters.

I want to quickly shed some light on the How's and Why's of our current process to hopefully make it clear to everyone why things are going the way they do.

In general, when someone is reported for a ban / sanction-worthy offense, our Terms of Service as well as Data Protection and Privacy regulations keep us from disclosing anything on the following actions taken to anyone but the player in question. These sanctions / actions can lead to accounts being closed / banned permanently, which, depending on the inventory in this specific account, can have a significant monetary impact (since you not only loose access to your Tiberium Alliances Account, but to your Origin Account as a whole, so to your complete games library connected to that specific account).

So it's on purpose that after someone is being reported, the rest of the communication is between our Terms of Service team and the player and between those two parties only.

Still, I want to give some specifics on how we are working within the TA universe here:

- Each and every report coming in the relevant thread that we are promoting whenever these kinds of things come up is being looked at. To make sure that everything is being investigated on the same level and that we don't punish people that are actually innocent, we take our time for this. Depending on the case and the amount of evidence provided, this can take different amounts of time.

- As soon as the relevant investigation has been completed, it's added to our stack of people ready to be sanctioned. I myself send this list to our Terms of Service team once a week.

- Our Terms of Service team at EA Customer Service will then, depending on the severity of the offense and on whether the player in question is a repeat offender applying sanctions to the account. This takes effect about an hour after I send those over.

- Regarding sanctioning player in general, we have a lot of different escalation ladders here.
Regarding cheating and exploits, we are normally applying a 30-day ban for first time offenders and a permanent ban for repeat offenders.

So long story short:

- No, we can't give you guys info on what happens after a report. Period. We are bound to that by law.
- Stuff takes time. Especially since a lot of people seem to think that pushing a name and a screenshot of one occasion seem to be enough to get things started, because the team has no better things to do all day to chase tons of maybe nonsense reports. That's why the Mods and I tell everyone "The more proof, the better", even if we may sound like a broken record here for repeating this all the time.

We want to thank everyone for their passion and energy in cleaning the game of people that make the game less fun for everyone. Keep up the good work and be sure that we are all on the same side here.

04-03-2016 03:39 PM

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