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Database Maintenance on Wednesday
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Fr3ddyfudpuck3r Offline
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RE: Database Maintenance on Wednesday
and now I'm missing a load of TA funds that I know I haven't used too - not a happy bunny
05-09-2016 10:38 PM
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RE: Database Maintenance on Wednesday
(05-09-2016 05:22 PM)commanderbigmikebigmikd Wrote:  you know this whole problem is EA's fault. if properly run, this patch would have hit only a few worlds, and only shutdown 2-3 worlds max. should have started on a few older worlds, not very active, not the newer worlds, or ones known to be volitile (wars). It was to rollback an issue caused by EA in the first place. as i see it, on Wrath 7 this has cost me atleast 15G income alone. on 107, at over 1g/hr on several bases , times 84 hrs, equals 100G income, PER BASE affected, not account. when i have 6-8 bases that size, and many slightly smaller, i KNOW i wont be happy with EA's planned compensation, unless its rediculously high...
when Managers run systems, and companies, instead of TECHS, this happens every time-EDSEL FORD anyone?

Very well said Mike, this EA issues should have been dealt meticulously by them. Since they been having this issues for so many years now every time they have an update. It is so crazy that up to now when Man can finally walk and live in Mars (sarcasm here), they still in old age problem. I doubt that they sweeteners could replaced all of the players loss time and chance.
06-09-2016 02:50 AM
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