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Bringing Back Command & Conquer, the right way
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Bringing Back Command & Conquer, the right way
I felt compelled to start a new thread because I have yet to see anyone address the real problem plaguing the Command & Conquer franchise. I have played since before the original had the cov ops expansion, and all the way through to the most recent games. Including the shameful failures. If you're like me you are pained to see how something that was so great and original has been hybridized and bastardized.

I consider the Generals series to be one of the few successes under EA's guidance of the Command & Conquer franchise. Mainly this is because of the originality of the game. The UI was smooth and well designed as well as the dialogue and story being thorough enough to keep you interest on the next mission or challenge. Thank you EA for that much of your contribution. I for one hope their efforts to revive the Command & Conquer franchises glory is successful and long lasting.

So what do we need to see in the next Command & Conquer game to ensure the survival of a legend? For starters lets just toss any ideas of further hybridization of the game, say for example a more Supreme Commander style interface. That is just not Command & Conquer. Also let us make the distinction right now that Command & Conquer Red Alert is not the same game as Command & Conquer. It is similar in many ways yes, but the lore and armies as well as mini games were distinctively different. With all that being said I think the appropriate place to start is the GDI/NOD Command & Conquer we all know so well.

The next question is how to we go about constructing the concept for a C&C 5 (not saying that's what it will be called for sure, but we will just call it that for now). To that I have to say we need ask what made Westwood Studios Command & Conquer games so successful and how can we use that information to create a new generation of GDI and NOD forces to face off in combat for dominance of the Earth and perhaps this time the solar system! The Scrin have already been introduced and personally I have to say that I like them, and the dynamics a third race adds to the game. I do have to say that some of the Scrin air ships are a bit OP, not in an unbeatable way but none the less an aspect which I think could be addressed. Perhaps in a way that could expand GDI and NOD's arsenals. With that said I think it is important to stick with the fundamental design principles observed by GDI and NOD in their independent pursuits for better military technology. That is to say GDI should maintain a more rugged and functional look and NOD should retain that sleek and intimidating style.

There are many more questions to answer in terms of what we need for a new Command & Conquer to be truly successful in the eyes and hearts of the gaming community. Such as the never dying question, what about Kane? And the obvious where and (equally as important) how does the conflict(s) reignite, if they ever ended. If they did not where to pick it up and how to fill in the back story (I Hope this also includes the reparation of damages done to the lore and/or the filling of gaps left in the games lore from the repetitive cannibalism it has endured)

Let us remember not to get ahead of ourselves with our game ideas here if we truly hope to see the revival of the legend we love. Many of us would love to see a new Renegade or Generals but the fact is if the Command & Conquer franchise is to survive it's next debut has to be a success. Another failure is not likely to fly with the gaming community and could very well be the death of the franchise once and for all. I don't think EA would be asking for our help if they knew how to fix the franchise.

Enough of my ideas lets here some from all of you! Cool
06-02-2016 10:49 AM
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RE: Bringing Back Command & Conquer, the right way
If you have played since the beginning you should well know that the company who makes this game has nothing to do with the original franchise.

And if you have not seen the issue spoken of here, it is because you have not looked.

And if you really cared you would go see what EA Los Angles has to say about it. Sorry to burst your bubble but the chances of you seeing a new one are slim to zero.

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07-02-2016 03:40 AM
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