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Please Report suspicious player, or players violating the terms of service here. If a player is verified as violating the terms of service, we will sanction the player according to the rules.

We realize that there can be many situations where you encounter a player or a situation that impacts your game experience negatively. We want to make this game as pleasant and entertaining as possible for everybody and certainly never stop hunting the black sheep's that play against the rules. The Terms of Service and Rules of Conduct, every player has to agree before registering for an EA Origin / Tiberium Alliances game account, give us the ability to enforce a healthy game platform.

If you feel threatened or insulted by another players behavior, please submit the violation and your full evidence in this thread. Our expert game team will take a very close look at each case individually, and enforce according to our laws and rules.

After you submitted your post, you won't be able to see it, as it will stay unapproved. Once your report is confirmed and forwarded to EA´s Terms of Service team, we will move the post into a hidden archive, to keep your submitted evidence.

Please note that we look at each report individually and not always in real time. Please allow a bit of time for us to go through your reports.

Examples of what bad behavior could be:
  • A player or alliance is using bad language or insults as name
  • A player used bad language or insults to name his bases
  • A player is exploiting certain mechanics of the game (please specify as best as possible)
  • A player is threatening me, my friends, or my family
  • A player is insulting and/or harassing

How to submit a report:
Please use this forum thread to add as much detail on why you think the player is doing account eating. We will need you to add a screenshot of the bases destroyed record of the individual player, as well as a screenshot of the killing field in-game.

Rules, in a nutshell:
- Every report must contain world & username of the individual reported user.
- Always include as much screenshot evidence as possible.
- Include all information in a single post.
- One post per reported users. Do not report multiple users in the same post.
- We won´t share any information or status on your report via private message either, don´t try!

This is a manual effort by the community team to improve your gameplay and experience within the game. The community team will collect the confirmed reports and send it to EA´s Terms of Service team for further sanctions. Do not expect an immediate ban or resolution once you submit your report here.

- Please note that only reports made in this thread, will be official. We will no longer accept reports via private messages or in any other forum topic.
- Please note that repetitive false reports may result in a temporary ban for your own account.
- We won´t share any information or status on your report via private message or elsewhere.

You can find the Terms of Service & Rules of Conduct here.
Thank you for helping us making C&C: Tiberium Alliances a better place!

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18-01-2016 11:43 AM
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Update. This thread can now be used to report bad player behavior. Please read the new overview in the first post.

07-06-2016 03:00 PM
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