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15.3 Patchnotes
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15.3 Patchnotes
Release Notes - Version 15.3

We have been looking forward to this update for quite a while. The 15.3 update will introduce the long anticipated global chat, as well as strategic markers and waypoints for alliances, and a lot of community requests we heard over the past months. We also listened to your feedback about third party scripts and tools and started integrating a lot of these functions. While we been also hard at work to minimize script errors, the integration of external scripts natively in the game will help to increase the experience as well. We will also get rid of “dead wood” in the game to improve your overall performance and experience when playing, and get a lot of your feedback in. We expect to roll this update to all worlds during later September, after a short testing session on the Public Test Environment mid September.

World Chat
A world chat channel has been added to the in-game chat. A variety of addons and regulations have been made to enable healthy conversations among players:

• A separate world chat channel has been added, and the world chat content is added to the main channel (“All”-channel) by default.
• A setting in the in-game options allows you to exclude the world chat from the “All”-channel.
• You are able to ignore other players and set them on your personal ignore list. You will no longer receive or see chat messages from the blocked player. The ignore function has been added to the player context menu, but can also be used with /ignore <player>
o Once a player is set on your ignore list, a new button in the chat window will be shown that let you access your ignore list
• Spam prevention has been implemented and you can only send a specific amount of messages within a certain time span. If exceeding the spam preventions, you will get auto-muted for a short time.
• Spam prevention is limited to the world chat. Spam prevention rules are disabled in the internal alliance chat
• An intelligent profanity filter has been integrated to filter out unwanted and bad words. You can disable the profanity filter in the options if you like
• New and advanced moderator abilities are in place and will be executed by EA staff if the chat is used for harassment and TOS violations. Repeating TOS violations can result in a permanent chat ban for the account.

[Image: 2.png]

Alliance Markers
This update will introduce a new feature that enables alliances Officers, Second Commanders and Alliance Leaders to mark up to 10 targets for their alliance on the region view.
• Alliance leaders can mark places on Region View to communicate them to alliance members
• Alliance leaders are Officer(s), Second in Command(s) and Commander in Chief(s).
• Each alliance can only set 10 markers on Region View.
• Each alliance can only see the markers of their own alliance.
• Alliance markers can only be edited, moved or removed by alliance leaders.
• Navigator Icons will show and lead you the way to each set marker on the region map. Clicking a navigator icon will make you jump to the marker spot directly.

There are 4 different marker types:
• Conquer
• Move
• Support
• Watch

The marker menu can be found, and markers can be placed via the Alliance overview

[Image: 1.png]

Inactive Players Handling
• Players who haven't loaded a specific game world for 6 months in a row are now inactive players.
• When all members of an alliance are currently inactive, the alliance turns into an inactive alliance.
• This is not only the case when the last player turns inactive, but also when the only active player(s) leave the alliance.
• Substituted players are not counted as inactive when their substitutes logged into their account anytime within the 6 months.
• Inactive players are removed from the player rankings.
• All bases of inactive players are ghosted immediately.
• Inactive players turn back into active players as soon as they load the world again.

Further Changes
• Common Script Errors caused by the sidebar have been fixed
• Fixed a script error that sporadically appeared when opening holiday substitution
• Fixed various script errors that led to black region view and images not load
• Implemented the community script “Copy Coordinates” natively to the game, lets you copy selected coordinates with one click to the chat
• Implemented the function to message my whole alliance, allies or specific ranks. You will not need to type all required names anymore
• Removed the Refer a Friend quest from the in-game quests. Friends can still be referred via the option on the website
• Holiday Substitution permissions have been changed. The substitute can no longer sell buildings, attack other players, initiate player relocation or change any alliance rights.
• System, Base and Progress notification types have been removed from the game
• Changed the login screen when logging on a world the first time to represent the latest artworks
• Changed the description text for the “Reach level 20 area” mission. It now states to go beyond level 20 area as this has led to confusion in the past
• Reduced the base recovery lockdown beyond level 27. Example: Lock was at 3 hours on level 50 before, this is now 2 hours
• Worlds in the world browsers are now displayed by “played last” at the top
• Fixed the ambient audio volume resetting to 20% on login
• Fixed missing unit levels with resolution above 2560x1440px
• Fixed getting stuck when alliance gets disbanded during running combat
• Fixed various missing strings
• Fixed an issue with UI sounds not working properly on Google Chrome browser
• Seconds are no longer displayed in the world browser world selection
• Challenges & Event badges will now be applied straight after a challenge is completed.
• When logging on a game world, a brief challenge bar was flashing, this has been removed
• We added a vast amount of smaller bugfixes to enable better performance and gameplay.
• We added a improved zoom functionality via the game options. You can now zoom out a lot more in the region view when activated via the options. However, this might impact your performance negatively.

Move Timers changed
• Attack recovery is now changed to 6-hour steps, this was 24 hours before. This is only affecting Tiberian 4 and all new worlds going forward.

Maelstrom Tools
We added selected Maelstrom features natively to the game client
• Overall production: Summarizes resources per hour + bonus + POI (among bases)
• Base resource overview - Shows all resources in all bases and a sum of it
• Repair time overview - shows repair time and army/defense points for all bases
• Hide the mission tracker (via options)
• Show remaining time until next MCV is affordable in the “found base” -tooltip

The 20th-anniversary badge will be deployed to everybody who logged into the game during September.

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04-09-2015 09:16 AM
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DGA_Sauron Offline
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RE: 15.3 Patchnotes
Great improvements of the game! The script errors are a real pain in the ass...hopefully they will be a thing of the past now Smile And i love the new Commander tools, they can make the life of a CiC better Big Grin Any idea when these patchnotes will take place?

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04-09-2015 09:36 AM
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rhiordd Offline

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RE: 15.3 Patchnotes
(04-09-2015 09:36 AM)DGA_Sauron Wrote:  Great improvements of the game! The script errors are a real pain in the ass...hopefully they will be a thing of the past now Smile And i love the new Commander tools, they can make the life of a CiC better Big Grin Any idea when these patchnotes will take place?

We want to drop this to the PTE next week. Depending on the outcome of the PTE, we probably start rolling this out in the last two weeks of September already.

04-09-2015 09:50 AM
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RE: 15.3 Patchnotes
When?? So many features I want to try. Is there will be 15.2 and 15.3 for World 81 (Europe)?
04-09-2015 10:13 AM
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AlyForce Offline

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RE: 15.3 Patchnotes
Wonderful, rhiordd ! Simply impressed me !
04-09-2015 10:40 AM
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rhiordd Offline

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RE: 15.3 Patchnotes
(04-09-2015 10:13 AM)COMMANDORRAVEN Wrote:  When?? So many features I want to try. Is there will be 15.2 and 15.3 for World 81 (Europe)?

15.2 deployment is through next week Tuesday on all Worlds. 15.3 will already follow end of the months... Updates.. Updates.. Updates

04-09-2015 10:50 AM
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AndreeaForce Offline
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RE: 15.3 Patchnotes
Can wait to test it Big Grin
04-09-2015 11:01 AM
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Nando28R Offline
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RE: 15.3 Patchnotes
Any news on major game content and not just minor fixes? These things are great...though long over due. But need to see some major changes to improve long term playability
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04-09-2015 02:38 PM
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otomakine Offline
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RE: 15.3 Patchnotes
Are all points from patch-notes for only new worlds?
Or there are features that will go to existing worlds too - for instance decrease of movement lock?

[Русский перевод патчнотов 15.3 -]
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04-09-2015 06:06 PM
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p3tsku Offline
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RE: 15.3 Patchnotes
(04-09-2015 09:16 AM)rhiordd Wrote:  • Common Script Errors caused by the sidebar have been fixed

The sidebar error was fixed in 15.2. Do you mean the ticker error?

All the same that's an impressive list of changes. It's gonna be awesome Cool
04-09-2015 09:56 PM
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