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Red Alert 4?
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maxim123 Offline
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RE: Red Alert 4?
What I'd like to see in Red alert 4:

Long campaign, not just 8 - 9 per faction but like 20 campaign maps per faction.

World domination like the challenges in RA3: Upgrising, Expect you choose side: Soviets, allies, Empire, or even Yuri, or any other faction that they will add, also the enemy can return an attack too!

I call this being Soviet. Yes comrade, It's Soviet Union!
30-09-2015 03:59 PM
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gogettossj8 Offline
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RE: Red Alert 4?
I would not mind seeing somekind of time warp and mix up all the existing C&C teams into one game

soviets, allies, emperor of the rising sun, GDI, NOD and Scrin, GLA, USA and China

that could be a badass game even if technically it's impossible, since GDI, NOD and Scrin is more futuristic than

allies, soviets and emperor of the rising sun, but if I was them, I will improuve those teams to make it make futur like

team same with GLA, USA and China, or simply make C&C teams less futuristic

As for the main idea of this topic, poll RA4, I'm up for that, but EA would need to improve the game even more than

RA3 since most of the building were possible to be built on water which make it way cooler than just the naval yard

subpen or the other building names for boats and totally AVOID doing the same as C&C4 because that

game was the worst of them all, then again Kain's Wrath was not too good either, solo campaign mostly, as only NOD

were playable in solo, NOD are cool, but far from being my favorite team betwenn GDI and Scrin, I liked a bit more

NOD at some point, because of their way to hide their base, but GDI always had the strongest tanks, but now I think

I prefer a bit more the scrins than the GDI, mainly because they don't require silos which can be annoying

and in a way the scrin reminded me of Yuri's team with their UFO, since Scrin are somekind of alien team
28-11-2016 08:42 AM
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Player_cnpvmjg5 Offline
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RE: Red Alert 4?
Only as long they continue using RA3 superior cartoon art direction and gameplay while bringing back the better resource management of RA2.

Red Alert shifted from serious to goofy after RA1 and RA3 embraced that goofieness. If you want a serious tone then stick to Tiberium or General Series. Red Alert should be the contrast more fun crazy colorful side.
11-02-2017 07:26 PM
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