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Get your tips & hints in the game!
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travisswan Offline
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RE: Do you have any Tips?
It is possible to synchronize all your bases to be at the same level with good resource management and transfer among all your bases.
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27-05-2014 12:38 PM
Fixnow Offline
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RE: Do you have any Tips?
Thread updated with new rules.

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27-05-2014 12:39 PM
PackZ1337 Offline

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RE: Get your tips & hints in the game!
You want to kill a forgotten base/outpost/camp easy? Try to attack with "Fake-Units"

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27-05-2014 12:50 PM
cfl0rin Offline
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get the fortress with patience :D
To get better results without spending money you need to log in 2 or 3 times per day and use all command points every time. You need 10 hours to get back all 100 CP and spend them again and repeat this cycle. Of course, you always need to keep an eye on your resources (chrystal, tiberium, power, money) and try to keep the ballance. Try to make room for every resource you get from bonuses (with accumulators and silos).
To make this cycle work properly it's good to attack outpost (forgotten) from 1 to 3 levels higher than your offence is, and if the barrack, war factory, airport are properly leveled that means you have about 8 attacks for each login. If you can get this then you are, not in the first alliance to the fortress but 2nd or 3rd for sure. Every good alliance is looking for active players and if you are one of them then you for sure have good results that keep you in a good alliance (a good alliance gives you good bonuses - resources) and because all these are related it's a good thing to think to all of them.
Hope my English is not that bad and wish good luck to all players that like too much this game but have no money to spend Smile
I know this is not what producers want but I am sure they created this game both for those with money to spend on it and those who spend no money, that's why it is so attractive.
P.S. money spent on credits help you a lot grow faster and be in the first alliance with the best bonuses, and of course, to be the first that destroy the fortress.
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27-05-2014 01:04 PM
EA_TheBlackOne Offline

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RE: Get your tips & hints in the game!
We are looking for short and crispy tips to put into the loading screen here. Please try to stick to this.
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27-05-2014 01:07 PM
Dazzekiel Offline
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RE: Do you have any Tips?
My tips are not about the best way to play the game nor the mechanics..

My tip is based on Leadership, what it means to be a Commander-in-Chief.

One of the biggest parts in my opinion, is being an adhesive to the alliance. It is not just worth brining 49 players into an alliance without being their bond. It is down to you as the CiC to make everyone feel welcome, unite them as you would your own family and treat them so. It doesn't matter how experienced you or your alliance is you have nothing to prove to each other, Ego can be an alliances biggest killer not just the rival alliances.

Knowledge of all aspects of the game would be a massive advantage, this will prove to you Brothers and Sisters that you are capable to keep control, but never demanding anyone to do something by the click of your fingers. Treat your alliance members as if they were the CiCs of your alliance because all in all you are all Commanders right? Wink Get to know the people that serve with you because you will stand beside them for month and months to come. Some will become so loyal to the cause they will follow you once more into another server and another and so on.

There are several things you must be able to enlighten your alliance with, this goes to new or old players, key points that must be remind the alliance from time to time to keep the peace...

Communication, Coordination, Friendship/Loyalty, Dedication, Morale. These are fundamentals of keeping an alliance together, just one of these lost can prove fatal to the alliance. Communication is strongest of these 6 which is used for clear Coordination to better you strategies and tactics via PvE or PvP. To build friendships with those you stand beside, these friendships doesn't just need to be in your alliance alone but all alliances that are allied with you. Alliances coming together as one to forge an unstoppable family of alliance, a force to be reckoned with. Dedication to you alliance is also a asset to the alliance as a CiC. Being one of the most active in your alliance proves to your members you are most capable of running it, keeping an eye on forums and messages updating them or sending them out often. Your words will be heard most and people that are just as dedicated as your will follow them. Lack of dedication will degrade your alliance, players will lose faith in your abilities to control and direct your players. There will be no structure nor morale and the alliance will collapse from within.

Which brings me to Morale, my favourite point. As a Viking Re-enactor and more to the point a standard bearer/chaplain keeping the morale up with powerful speeches or actions can be one of the most uplifting things to do in an alliance. Not only can you have fun doing it, you make those around you feel happy, they feel apart of something strong and fierce. The alliance for example can be flowing slow both in PvE or PvP but simple paragraphs that can get the blood rushing can prove effective indeed, i know this from much experience. Wars can be won using this tactic by showing your alliances what it means to be apart of the family they stand in, what it would mean for all of them to victorious after a long, daunting and stressful day, week, month or even year.

All in all no matter what anyone says leading an alliance is the hardest thing to do in this game, dedicated CiCs would waste no time keeping an alliance together so much so they lose track of their own game time to keep everything in check.

There is so much more to it than just this and through each world I've been in, I've witnessed many different leadership styles, some better or worse than others. Whatever the case i commend anyone that steps up to the CiC role, it is a long and stressful road but yet very satisfying when everything falls into place like a good ol game of Tetris!
27-05-2014 01:11 PM
maverick0084 Offline

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RE: Get your tips & hints in the game!
-Silos not only store tiberium/crystal, they help generate 24/7...even if you are moving your base.
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27-05-2014 01:56 PM
EA_TheBlackOne Offline

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RE: Get your tips & hints in the game!
@maverick0084: That's the stuff we are looking for, thanks!
27-05-2014 02:19 PM
johnseee Offline
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RE: Get your tips & hints in the game!
- It doesn't matter how much RT you have stored, but how many attacks you can give. Balance RT in each attack wisely!
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27-05-2014 03:16 PM
sinfultendency Offline
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RE: Get your tips & hints in the game!

-Founding a base. The most essential way to get the most production now & over time. Look around your base for camps outposts or bases with the setup you want to have then found your base on that spot.

-Remember Tunnel Exits are based off of offense level, plan your jumps accordingly and be considerate.

-Scripts are your friend, use your script to know which tunnel exit is green to farm from or save repair time from simulating ect.

-Harvesters and silos are essential to begin with, as your POI's grow the demand will change

-When attacking, do not focus on damaging the defenses but on damaging buildings in the base area (preferably blow up the construction yard). It's the buildings that get you the big rewards, not the defense.

-Join an alliance early. Attacking inside the alliance territory costs less command points, so being inside a larger territory gives you more targets to choose from.

-Top players are able to research the MCV and thus get a second base within a week. Make sure you build enough refineries (3-4 after 4 days) to get the credits needed for this.

-Try to take down the construction yard with just a single attack whenever possible. Avoid NPC targets where you would need more than 2 attacks.

-Choose your faction wisely. GDI is more ground and pound but suffer in repair time in the long run, Nod may appear weak and requires finesse it will save repair time when upgrades are applied

-When attacking a player, make sure you take him out in as few attacks as possible and as fast as possible. The support weapons of the attacked alliance will start focusing automatically on the attacked base, so the more time there is between the first and the last attack, the more damage they will deal to your troops.

-If your base gets defeated, it is removed from the map and can be relocated elsewhere inside your alliance territory or in neutral territory. Think well before choosing your new position to avoid getting attacked again after relocating.

-camps, outposts and bases have different loot. Be observant. Green camps or outposts means it carries more Tiberium while blue means it carries more crystal.

-Prioritize your upgrades, it's the forethought behind the clicks that can determine war and peace. Command & Conquer with knowledge

-Establish friendships within your Alliance and sister alliances, you fight for these people and not just yourself. The diplomacy gets tiring quick so help your SiC and CiCs want the job with your companionship

-In Nod we trust, join the brotherhood. Kane has one vision, one purpose. Peace through power. Do all things in the name of Kane

-War is inevitable. If you know one is coming purchase repair time and command points.

-Feel like throwing the dice? Random crates are found near your bases with command centers. The higher in rank the higher the rewards.
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27-05-2014 04:36 PM

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