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Patchnotes December Update
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adamjkear Offline

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RE: Patchnotes December Update
well i am dissappointed with the vertigo and firehawk upgrades.
they cost far to much credits and rp as by the time u start fazing them out of your offence you can actually afford them.
i was expecting the upgrades to have been more like vertigos get added side damage like firehawk but its primary role is uneffecfted and the same for the fire hawks they have a straight line fire like the verts or widen there range and place continuous fire so the dont hit a building then run out.

The sky darkens. The world falls silent, except for the beating of my heart. The sound soon becomes deafening and overwhelming. I scream...... but no one can hear. For i was in the center of my own creation. Lonelyness.
15-01-2014 12:34 PM
pallmall50 Offline
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RE: Patchnotes December Update
All i know is it pisses me off how they do not open new worllds often enough there should be a new european and us worlds every month
23-01-2014 12:47 PM

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