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Billing/Purchase issues
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Billing/Purchase issues
Important: Get Help with Payment Problems & Known Issues

Hello everyone,
As we have recently seen a couple of topics related to failures and issues with payment options we have created this thread for you to deal with the most common problems.

Please note that we are not able to assist with Billing and Purchase issues within the game forums. If you are having issues related to payment and billing, please always get in touch with EA Customer Support here:

Known Issues:

Nu2001 (or NUXXXX) error message:

The only way to solve a NU2001 (or NUXXXX) error while purchasing Funds is to get in touch with support so they can determine the cause of the problem and provide assistance.

Do this using the page.
(Please select your game title as the Product and then Billing/Purchasing)

Missing PayPal payment option

The PayPal payment option is not available in your country at the moment - this is due to general issues with PayPal and we are working to bring PayPal back for you as soon as possible.

Prices displayed in US Dollars and not your local currency

It might happen that you are prompted to pay in US Dollars at the Fund payment checkout process. This is due to general issues with our payment system and is a temporary issue. We are working to bring back the real currency values as soon as possible.

Boku Payment option no longer available
We are currently experiencing issues with performing text message payments through Boku in the following countries:

• Turkey
• South Africa
• Israel
• Ukraine
• New Zealand
• Argentina
• Slovenia

The error may result in a message reading “We're sorry; this offer is not currently available. Please try again later or contact customer support for further information.”
The payment solutions team is aware of the issue and is working on a solution. In the meantime, however, we would like to encourage the use of a different payment provider. Please be assured that no charge will be made to you if you encounter this issue.

Possible workarounds when you are encounter purchase problems

Please check your country is selected in your Origin account and/or in your preferred payment method and change all of them to the country you are currently logged in from (e.g. Russia, this means your payment method and Origin account both need to be located there.
- To change the country in your payment method:
• Just choose your preferred one in your purchase options
• Click on "edit" to change the country.
- If you want to change the country of your Origin account:
• Just go to
• Click on "login" in the top right corner of your browser window
• In the new window add your Origin account information
• Click again in the top right corner on your origin account name when logged in
• Click on "my account"
• Look for regional settings
• Click on "edit"
• Look for "country of residence" and select the country you are currently logged in from

Please have a look at this first, before contacting the Community Team or EA Support.

- Also check:
• If your Credit Card is still valid (not expired).
• If the email address associated with your PayPal-Account has been verified by PayPal and/or is still valid.
• If all Proxies and/or other Anonymous tools have been disabled. (As these cause many problems and always influence the purchase-flow in a bad way.)

[u]If you are encountering problems during the following:[/url]

- Boku SMS:
You are instructed to send a text message back, but you cannot send a text message to the provided number.
-> Check to see if Boku SMS is available in your region.
Contact Boku SMS Support ([url][/url]), if you are sure that the problem you are encountering is caused by Boku SMS.

- If you are encountering problems purchasing with PayPal and/or regarding your PayPal-account, contact the PayPal-Support (

- If you are encountering problems, after redemption of a PaySafe card, please contact PaySafe support ([url][/url)

We apologize for the inconvenience with our current payment checkout and process issues across the board and thank you for your patience while we work hard to bring our services back and stable as soon as possible.

Your Community Team.
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