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API Knowledgebase Questionthread
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UnixLivFreeOrDie Offline
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RE: API Knowledgebase Questionthread
I know this question has been asked before, but I guess I'm looking for a little better answer than what I've seen. I'm looking for better documentation for the ClientLib API for JavaScript. I know there's the ClientLib.js.txt file which contains all the API function data types and prototypes, but considering that I've seen News Feed articles with supportive comments, I expected better documentation. This isn't an exact quote, but I think it read something like: the use of scripts have become such an integral part of game play, we support the use of these scripts. I get that doesn't mean EA is going to support the scripts: just support the developers that are creating them.

To that end, I guess I would have expected more than just a list of function prototypes and var/val types. Has anyone put together a "man page" type organized description of each ClientLib function? With things like overview descriptions of the function classes (i.e. Base, Data, Host, Vis, etc.), function descriptions, dependencies (X has to be called before Y), etc. You know the drill.

And if not, why not? Even if EA doesn't want to have to maintain something like that (which I could understand), you'd think one of the script developers would have pieced something together by now.

So if it's up to me to reverse engineer this documentation from the data types, prototypes, and experimentation, can I verify that the URL https://prodgame07.alliances.commandandc...Lib.js.txt is still valid and up-to-date? There was another post that called out this format with 07 as the "server" and "40" as the World ID, implying that each server and world has its own copy. But so far server 7 and world ID 40 seems to be the only one that doesn't produce a "404". HTTP error.

I'm a veteran programmer, but haven't done a lot of Java or JavaScript (most of my programming is in C). This is a good way to learn, so I don't mind doing it. But like most developers, I hate "reinventing the wheel".

30-03-2015 05:25 AM
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wolb2 Offline
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RE: API Knowledgebase Questionthread
Is there a way to get the cities of the members of an alliance?
12-07-2015 06:44 PM
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eligiv Offline
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RE: API Knowledgebase Questionthread
There is an option to get the army level of the cities and the formation of the armies?

i know one way, but it's require the user change the formation in sim attack.

21-12-2015 11:13 AM
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