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new life for the OLD Economy
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RE: new life for the OLD Economy
(23-04-2017 08:21 AM)ffi82 Wrote:  We never really conquer the forgotten worlds... we just destroy them over and over but they are winning ultimately.
A true endgame needs to be implemented on all worlds.

Ideas for worlds where the forgotten have won (few active members):
  • The ability to migrate from a world to another through a new research item available at high cost
  • Ability to build a GDI, NOD or mixed (player) fortress and stop the forgottens from spawning (bases, camps and outposts)
  • Ability to chose among the profiles u want to keep once u migrate to another world (if u started a server u should be able to cancel the account there once u bring the one from another server... maybe just a notification)
  • A way for the members of the "invaded" world to prepare (there will be war most likely Tongue)

In my opinion, the best ideas are always the simplest and most feasible, an obvious and lasting solution would be to incorporate the worlds 1-2-3 and, or to undo the level beyond 65, or to dictate it similar to the new economy, a middle ground , Where those who grow little can grow and battle. This is what I say by N.1 and supreme of the world's strongest alliance2.
23-04-2017 03:17 PM
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