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Full Version: 17.2 Maintenance on all Worlds April 19 & 20
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Dear Commanders,

on April 19 and 20, we will deploy the 17.2 Update to all Worlds.

The Maintenance will happen during 06:00 UTC and 15:00 UTC, where each world will be unavailable for approx. 60 minutes.
I hope you are not exporting to these or any other worlds all the bugs that the pte is currently experiencing.
1. It force-reloads the window multiple times when you login.
2. Then it throws a few errors and does not load the terrain.
3. After several re-re-logins, when you can finally do something, but in a couple hours it logs you out or throws an error again. And you are back to step 1.
I talked to people and a lot of players on pte are experiencing this problem and cursing among themselves, even in world chat.
What ARE the changes in 17.2?
Yeah I can't find the thread that talk about the changes with 17.2 anymore.

(20-04-2017 12:16 AM)rlymn66 Wrote: [ -> ]What ARE the changes in 17.2?

This is a translation by google from the German, but it's understandable in the main details. I hope this helps.

Patchnotes 17.2
Hi Commander!
Below you will find the latest Patchnotes with all the changes and fixes that we bring into the game with Update 17.2. The patch is already live on the PTE1 and over the next 2 weeks all the worlds will get the new patch.

Patchnotes - Version 17.2

• Improvements to the message system
It is now possible to search your own messages by game name or title content. Messages can now be sorted in ascending and descending order by name or date.
This change should help you sort and search your messages.

• Visit allied base
players can now visit bases of allied players.
With this change, A friendly base, even if it is outside your maximum attack range.
The ability to attack allied bases has been removed from the game.

• Mechanic Change: Base Laying
If a player moves his base to another sector, there is now the possibility to place it in an NPC area.
Prior to this change, a base was searched for a completely empty area. This meant that players were often placed very far from the center of the world. Now, the player is moved to an appropriate area to allow fast play and advance.

Bug fixes
• We fixed a bug where reports could only be marked as read.
Thank you gamerdruid
In order to work out if your world has been patched with 17.2 you can tell by fact you are able to filter your mail messages by typing in a username of the sender. If you can do that, then you have 17.2.
Thx for this handy improvments!
Still would just be nice to 'preview' your sector change drop location before okay'ing. Can't imagine that would be all that hard to add.
So I noticed visiting an allied base already existed as well as relocating to another sector of the world which will not deviate back to the edge of the world, but instead closer to the center.
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