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Full Version: Map coordinates
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You should add the coordinates to the map screen so that it is easier to navigate around the map instead of having to click on a base to find out where you are.
I agree
It's been asked before. And the CM/mods have said the devs are working on a map.

Right now Relocate, Set Support and the info windows all show you co-ords.
And maybe an arrow(s) in the middle of the screen that points the way to your base(s). So that when you click on some co-ordinates in a message, and the map moves, you will have an idea where your base(s) is/are in relation, in case you want to pan the map from the area you ae looking at to where your base(s) is/are. maybe some distance numbers and something that changes color to indicate if you're in attack range of those coordinates. Frequently I see messages about my allinace attacking some co-ordinates and it takes awhile to figure out how far away I am and if i can help (attack) or not.
i believe a fix for this, is an arrow pointing towards your home base, with distance, at your curser. or some function to turn that on.
and a button to get a world map, with marked location, friendly other players, and your home base marked.
Or add a feature allowing you to type a coord in, and go to it.

So if an alliance has set a rally point to make a move on a POI you dont have to endless pan across the screen to it, you could type the coords, and then make your way across.
(04-06-2012 05:01 PM)DRIBKRAM Wrote: [ -> ]Or add a feature allowing you to type a coord in, and go to it.

This feature is loosely added already. If you use encapsulate the coordinates with the [coords] tag then you can create a link to focus on the specified target.

For example, "[coords]500:500[/coords]" typed in ether the instant chat, forum post, private message, or notification comment will provide a link which will focus on that area. I realize this isn't exactly what you're asking for, but it is something that you can use in the interim.
How can I relocate to specific coordinates?
(07-06-2012 05:51 PM)ButtNugg3t Wrote: [ -> ]How can I relocate to specific coordinates?

You have to use the Base Relocation option which allows you to move 20 spaces at a time. If the destination is in another zone then you can use the Player Relocation tool but it will randomize where you endup. Depending on your level however, you can end up near the middle of the zone or its outer edge.
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