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Full Version: Marker Movement and Editing Lagg. Glitches.
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what is wrong with this. it needs to be fixed. firestorm 7 will not open. wrath 8 the movement markers after placing when I edit and or move it gives an error message and lags out my whole computer can we get this fixed please and thank you.

cic HuffmanBlood alliancesAngry
browser says firestorm 7 site is not safe and will not load. why??
Marker issues are common on many worlds - I'd be surprised if they're not working on a fix.

Some of the marker issues are reportedly due to an interaction with a script (I wish I knew which one). Check to see if you have a script to adjust something to do with messages.
thank you. i wish the programers would learn how to close those scripts and keeeep it happenning in any world. either way i love this game but please someone fix it so my game will stop crashing.
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