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Full Version: new life for the OLD Economy
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Hi, I'll load of many players playing in different worlds and knowing many people, and being the leader of the alliance stronger than the world 2.
Since we have already made changes to the worlds with old economy because not adduce one that could revive the interest and the continuation of weary players?
Wonder who is in favor of an increase in current production, not like in the new worlds, but only of 100-150%, ie 'at least double the current production, with all the 65 hours you get to the maximum 1G / now take at least 2 would be very nice and would give new impetus to those who now and tired and stimulate those who want to begin.
Many people have left and a lot is going to leave because it takes too long to grow.
Who and favorable write, YES
and those who do not 'write NO
siii ,magari
would be nice, at least many people including me would return to play in the old worlds
dai ragazzi
Otherwise need 5-6 years to get to level 65 attack and many give up before
yes I wish it were true
This is a really good suggestion but not exactly for the reasons mentioned. I know the reason I hang onto my old servers is because

1) I'm still having fun and
2) Due to the lack of power I don't feel like I'm done.

Fixing the power issue in those old servers would facilitate people "finishing" what they started and encourage new servers being started (for some.) My guess is this would be a good thing.
Pienamente d'accordo, dateci l'energiaaaaaaaaa Big Grin
It would still be nice if then unlock levels after 65, so as to continue in the game
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