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Full Version: CnC TA Script Collection
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After reading that battle simulators were acceptable I decided to level the playing fieeld and download one.

Shortly after installing and using CnC TA Script Collection from the google site, and being logged out a few times I got an email telling me my EA / Origin password had been successfully reset...

Now it may be unrelated, anyone else have a similar experience with scripts?

I had not requested such and the email said I should contact them if this was the case for immediate support. Now the user support experience was a maze of click here do this fill in your life story and far too much personal information. Then I was given a case numer and I'm waiting on a response. In who's world is this immediate?

Now I know my experience of support is not unusual from what I read here. I'm seriously put off ever trusting EA with my CC details (new card in the mail) ever again as it was attatched to my account.

Pretty soon the support experience will be common knowledge and EA will lose the paying customers which surely it should be looking after!

3rd party tools are not directly supported by EA (3rd party means "not made by EA"), and all user scripts are 3rd party.

In general, you should always be careful with installing scripts (or anything from the internet really) that you do not inadvertently give away you account or other personal information.

However, even if your EA/Origin password was reset, the new password should still be private (since you got it in the e-mail), assuming no-one else has access to your e-mail.


Hi RampantWabbit,

I am sorry this happened to you...can I ask you a favor? Can you post the script that you installed, so that we can have a closer look at it? That way we can check it out to see if it really is a scam.

I look forward to hearing from you.

(25-10-2012 05:57 PM)MLM-NL Wrote: [ -> ]However, even if your EA/Origin password was reset, the new password should still be private (since you got it in the e-mail), assuming no-one else has access to your e-mail.

as private it is considering every node can read mails because its transmitted unencrypted
Yes, I'm certain the individual responsible knows exactly which "nodes" the mail relay is going to be passed through, successfully hacked each of those and installed a sniffer to capture...I know it bothers me terribly any time I request a password reset...

That's why I use a secure email connection, like pretty much everyone else.

Port 25 is so 2010....
Script located here:

Many thanks for the offer this is helpful. It's the top hit on Google for me.

This morning the PC I use for the web BSOD repeatedly for the first time in many years, something is obviously amiss, and just to make me paranoid the AV had been disabled... I wonder where I put my Master DVD's.

Yes I appreciate this is nothing to do with EA MLM, however the user experience of ES / Origin support is. As a service manager for a major global companies outsourced support I am familiar with the model and inherent issues, and I see many of the same exeriences posted in this forum - at least you didn't just direct me to EA / Origin support and wash your hands of the issue, from what I read, and my own experience, they don't care.

Regardless I have a new credit card now, and probably a few hours of wasted time ahead of me rebuilding my machine.

My intention was to alert the community to a possible threat, and to warn of shoddy support from EA / Origin around possible fraud.

Lastly, if simulators are supported, why not add one to the game rather than open up the API?


Hi RampantWabbit,

Thanks for the information. We will have our guys look it over and see what they say. Thanks for letting us know about this situation!
Many thanks Shaz, like I say it might be completely unrelated and just coincidental timing.
Hi mate,

use this one, i have used it for months and it never breaks or gives me any problems, is the basic one so i think its on the "acceptable" list with EA as it never breaks when they patch.

If im wrong Shaz please feel free to delete post : ]
Hi, silly question and maybe wrong form, do we as of yet have a working fully functioning sim?
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