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Full Version: [*] Chrome Loading/Crashing issues
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I didn't know I was in English class.

Pick a browser. They are all doing the same thing. I tried Firefox, Chrome, & Dragon.

World 35. I am also on 32 but didn't bother to try there because this game has just become unplayable for me.
If you get the white screen when using chrome, (I do too) go in the URL, (where you type websites in) and next to the favorite/bookmark button on the right there is a little shield. Right click, and then click load any way to load it. Google chrome believes there is insecure "loop holes" in the site so it will not load without you clicking that.
HI... Why can not I access my account? When I log in it shows a black screen!

[Image: RedBEl.png]

eferz98 Wrote:Please do not embed images greater than 800 pixels wide. It will overrun the fixed width of the forums. I've edited the codes to use imgur's large thumbnail with a redirect to the full-sized image.
I can't explain Firefox, and I've never heard of Dragon.
The devs are looking into the current loading/crash issues that Chrome users are having. (As a chromium based browser Dragon may be falling foul of whatever is doing this too)

You could try using IE. Not a perfect fix, but it should hopefully be temporary.
Please test and debug properly before you publish any more patches and no new worlds until this issue has been resolved!!! New worlds just mean that nobody really is interested in keeping the existing players that are already seriously frustrated. For me this newest patch now causes crashing at least every two battles, sometimes the first one already. This is on Chrome, no simulator or other scripts, Windows 7 64 bit and very few browser extensions. I am not even going to try with other browsers because I know this is a code issue. Nothing else dies a horrible death like this. Check your memory cleaning and get it done right.
It keeps loading the page but after a while it gives me can't open host because of timed out :X i am in World 18 Europe ;] my name there is 63475723784 and i am only 3 lvl Lance Corporal any ideas why i can't play ?? my net speed is 5-6 Mbps but when i started to play my speed was the same and i did not have any problem but from 1 week i can't play at all plss help me if you can ;]
it says:
Quote:Server Timed Out
The page can't load because the server don't sent any data.
You can do this:
  • Reload this page later.
Error 324 (net::ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE): The server has been disconnected, without sending any data.
So i deleted my Browsing History, Cache, Coockies and everything and i am with Google Chrome and no change the same proble plss help ;]
Aww Snap! - Chrome crashes almost every time while viewing my battles.

Version 23.0.1271.17 beta-m
World 22 (USA East)
No Scripts
Crashes nearly every battle, in Chrome and Dragon.
Firefox is not displaying properly to even let me attack.

Chrome Version 22.0.1229.79 m
No scripts ( I normally use them but have all disabled in hopes it would correct the issue, NOT)
Core i7 2.3ghz
16GB Ram
Nvidia 670 2gb
Win 7 Home Premium

Unbelievably frustrated and pissed off that I just bought $50 worth of funds on this alpha version game.
at least i am not the only one with those problems Smile
Same issue with Chrome and Firefox, but on a Mac.
Chrome Version 22.0.1229.92

I am disconnected from the server constantly. Seems to happen during every attack or every preview of an attack. Happens with scripts on and off.

I'm new to this game, but about to leave it behind as its ridiculously difficult to try and play. Certainly not recommending it to any friends until this gets resolved.
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