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Forum Rules -

When using these forums, please refer to these rules and help yourself and others to keep this a nice and friendly place.

No "harmful" content please
Some examples of links you shouldn't be posting:
• Links that make your browser crash, or otherwise act strange.
• Rickrolls , please don't post them here.
• Links to other harmful content such as Trojans and/or Viruses.
• Links to phishing sites.

Be friendly
These forums are for everyone, so treat others as you would have them treat you. Be a decent human being and show respect to your fellow player. Please consider that for many players, English is a second language. Also consider that all players do not have your wisdom, game skill or general understanding of the game.

Be precise
This is a Beta Forum and therefore it exists to provide the Dev Team with the most exact details about issues and suggestions as possible. If you encounter a bug it makes it easier for us to track it down and fix it if we get an exact description of what happened and when it happened.

Post in English
We're a multi-cultural and multi-lingual bunch here on the forums, let's all try and speak the same language so everyone can participate. Please be considerate to those who (obviously) have difficulties with English.
There are localized forums available in German as well, and other languages may be added at a later time.

No flaming
Other people will have different opinions than yours, that's their right. Don't flame someone for disagreeing with you. In turn, don’t post topics that will incite flaming, be thoughtful in your choice of words when composing your topic.

Oh no, my eyes!
Continuing the spam specific guideline: Everyone likes to be able to read forums without going blind. Please refrain from posting spam, or other "nonsense" which serves no purpose. This includes ascii drawings, seizure inducing animate gifs, excessively gory or violent images … As well includes, meaningless or unproductive posts or replies (see Flaming).

Everyone wants to comment on something, and feel free to use the forums to interact with the topics that interest you. But please do not troll these forums …

Some examples that are considered trolling:
• Posting replies for the sake of posting
• Posting comments irrelevant to the topic
• Posting to simply add to the thread count
• Posting to beg for free items from others
• Postings which only intention it is to provoke other players

Don't advertise
This is a community forum, not a place to peddle your site/wares. You can leave the blatant ad space filling to us. This also includes links to websites, that get users to generate hit counts, offer prizes for joining or attempt to lure users to sell or offer unlicensed EA products or software. EA-related fan sites are allowed.

Make sense, not war
When you start a new thread, try to use a title that makes sense. If people can easily see what you want to talk about, they will be more likely to open your thread and talk with you.

Some examples of inappropriate thread titles:
• “Help me” “I need help” “I have a question” ‘READ ME” “URGENT”
• “ WTF” either in abbreviation or fully written out
• Swearing of any sort

Some examples of inappropriate content:
• Excessive ranting
• Vulgar language
• Attacks on other players
• Talking about piracy
• Sexual content

No Politics & Religion
When you use these forums, please leave your politics and religion at the door. Everyone is entitled to their views and opinions, but these forums are for fun and for social contact. Discussions can get heated at any moment; politics and religion are two topics that will quickly send a thread down in flames. This also includes political and religious imagery in player signature art, links to political groups and websites and links to religious groups, churches and websites.

No one gets favored
Don't use attention seekers. What's an attention seeker, you ask? Using an Administrator or Moderator’s name in your topic, for example. You don't need to add our name(s) in your thread title, nor use all CAPS to get our attention.

Please note

Rules concerning (written) content apply to anything you create. This can, among others, include signatures, graphics, etc.
More rules will be added to the list as and when needed, so please check back here regularly.
Not adhering to these rules could very well get your forum or beta access revoked temporarily or permanently.
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